Abkhazia Wild Mountain Race

Abkhazia Wild Mountain Race

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Abkhazia Wild Mountain Race is a kaleidoscope: sea, beach, jungle, forgotten roads and booths, Alpine meadows, the night view of Sochi, the sharp peaks, fields, mountain rivers and lakes!

City Gagry
Race type Trail  
06.09.2020  !
Distances 30 km
65 km
Price5000-11000 RUB. 

Distances information

Distance: 30 km, 65 km.

The start and finish will vary because of distance are linear. For the distance of 65 km the starting town will be in the center of Gagra, and the finish – oz. Riza. For a distance of 30 km starting town is located 5 km from the Gega waterfall, and finish near the lake.Riza.

Distance 30 km:

  • 2460 meters set
  • ITRA – 2 points; mountain index – 11
  • There is no minimum requirements for this distance, but I want to warn you that it is very different from asphalt half marathon and even marathon.
  • Start at 6:00 near the Gega waterfall with the finish on the shore of the lake.Riza.
  • For participants a Shuttle to the start from the city of Gagra and from the finish back.
  • In August 2019 will be given GPS tracks.

The distance of 65 km:

  • 5 700 meters set
  • The control time is 20 hours.
  • ITRA – 3 points; mountain index – 12
  • At the time of filing of the participant's 65 km should be: one race ITRA 3+ (2016 g) / PI 450+ / Mountain 6+ or the presence of discharge in mountaineering / ITRA 3+ (from 2016)
  • Start at 2:00 from the center of the city of Gagra, the finish is on the shore of the lake.Riza.
  • Participants are provided with free Shuttle service from the finish to the center of Gagra.
  • In August 2019 will be given GPS tracks.

Requirements for participants

To participate in the race allowed participants aged 18 years and older.


Phone: +7 916 282 50 30

email: xracewildtrail@gmail.com