May trail

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Spring trail trails awakened springtime Belokurikha

City Belokuriha
Race type Trail  
15.05.2021  !
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Distances 17 km
33 km
1 km
500 meters
Price1300-2000 RUB. 

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Distances information

17 km
Climb +950м
Control time 3.5 h
Date: 17.05.2020
Food items on the course: 2
ITRA points per distance: 1
33 km
Climb +1650m
Control time 7h
Date: 17.05.2020
Food items on the course: 3
ITRA points per distance: 2

Children's race
The children's race will be held on the prepared track on the path near the sanatorium Russia.
The length of the distance will be adjusted to the number of participants-children and their age.
The basic version - 2 distance: 500m and 1km.
ITRA points per distance: 0

For members up to 21 years inclusive and over 60 years old 30% discount promo code PROMO, which you must specify during registration.
distance at check
to 15 March inclusive
at check
from 16 March to 30 April
at check
from may 1 to 15
17 km 1400 RUB 1900 RUB 2500 RUB
33 km 1600 RUB 2100 RUB
2700 RUB

Requirements for participants

To participate in the Competition is open to all comers, men and women having the medical admission registration on the website of the race and paid the entry fee.



Phone: +7 913 206-94-20