The second October half marathon

The October half marathon

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The October half marathon cancelled in 2020!

City Oktyabrskiy-bash
Race type Road  
11.06.2021  !
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Distances 600 meters
2 km
10 km
21.1 km
Price250-1200 RUB. 

The October half marathon: photos

The October half marathon: race description

The first October half marathon 2018 is the third start of a series of races Bashrun (track races in the Republic of Bashkortostan).

In day of Russia, a cosy city in the West of the Republic of Bashkortostan welcomes runners. Will be provided Shuttle service from the city of Ufa, special deals on accommodation and entertainment program.


To register for the event on the platform RussiaRunning.

Start-up package

To obtain a starter package, you can party:

  • June 11, at the city October, hotel Devon, 8 Lenin Avenue, 16:00 to 19:00.
  • On June 12 start.


  • 11 June 2018, from 14.00 to 18.00 in the shopping center Plaza (4th floor) at the address Oktyabrsky, St. Ostrovskogo, d. 55
  • 12 Jun 2018 08.00-09.00 at the Hotel "Devon" at Oktyabrsky, Lenina str., 8; ONLY FOR NONRESIDENT PARTICIPANTS.

Conditions of admission

All participants of the First October half marathon must pass a medical examination before the race and get a certificate of health. The medical certificate must contain seal of the issuing institution, signature and stamp of the doctor. The certificate shall indicate that the participant admitted to the competition on the selected distance. The certificate should be issued not earlier than 6 months before the date of the competition. Reference previously issued 11.12.2017 G. will not be accepted for registration.

The photocopy of the medical certificate accepted by the Commission only upon presentation of the original. Reference will not be returned.

For participants under 17 years old must present the original of the permission from parents to participate in the race, in free form with indication of passport data of a parent and child, or the personal presence of a parent when you receive the starter package.

The race

The competition venue: Oktyabrsky, Lenin square and the streets of the city.


  • The day of arrival 11 June, 2018
  • The credentials Committee will be held on 11 June 2018 from 15.00 to 19.00 at the address: shopping center Plaza (4th floor), Oktyabrsky, St. Ostrovskogo, d. 55
  • A meeting of representatives and judges 11 June at 20:00 hours to the address: Oktyabrsky, Hotel Devon, Lenin Avenue 8.
  • The opening of the competition on 12 June at 9.30 hours.
  • Start at дистанцию10 km June 12, 2018 at 10:00 o'clock.
  • Start at a distance of 21 km 97 m at 10.10 hours.
  • Start at a distance of 2 km in 12:45 hours.
  • The closure of the track at 13:15 hours.
  • Rewarding of winners and prize-winners at 13.15.
  • Gala concert at 13.45.
  • Closing ceremony at 15.00.
  • Departure of participants 12 June 2018 after 15:30 hours.

Distances information

  • Monitoring time at the distance of 10 km – 1.5 hours.
  • Control time at a distance of 2 km – 30 minutes.

  • Participants for the 10km run two laps of 5 km.
  • Participants at the distance of 21.1 kilometer run four laps of 5 km.

Start on Lenin square > Lenin > u-turn in front of Sadovaya ring > Lenin > str > str Devonian > ul socialist > Chapaev str > Gagarin Park > St. Salavat Batyr > Lenin > next round.

After completing the required number of laps to the finish in the starting place on the square

Requirements for participants

To participate in the October half marathon at a distance of 21km 97m open to all interested persons 16 years and older with the necessary athletic training and a doctor's permit. The distance consists of 4 rounds at 5,275 km.

To participate in the 10km race open to all interested persons from 14 years and older with the necessary athletic training and a doctor's permit. The distance consists of 2 laps of 5 km.

To participate in the mass race at the 2 km open to all interested persons having the necessary athletic training and a doctor's permit. The distance consists of 1 round of 2 km.

To participate in the children's race at 600 m allowed participants to 9 years, inclusive, with the necessary athletic training and the admission of the doctor, accompanied by their parents. The distance consists of a 1 lap, 600m.



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