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The team of the Bryansk youth centre forced to cancel the race "the Nightingale Cross Space", which was to be held on April 12. We will follow the news and wait for summer launch "the Nightingale Cross" which will be held August 2, 2020

City Bryansk
Race type Trail  
01.08.2021  !
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Distances 450 meters
4 km
9 km
18 km

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Soloveiko: race description

The competition takes place on the highway is mostly unpaved with a length of 5km, the track includes a variety of high climbs and descents.

Let this be the race that will bring an unprecedented surge of energy and will be a good warm equator of your running season!


Participants must pre-register before 14 July 2018 the website and pay the entry fee.

  • 5 km (400 rubles).
  • 15 km (500 RUB.)
  • 25 km (600 RUB.)
  • children's race (no entry fee)

After registration and payment of entry fee you will receive a confirmation E-mail.

Participants-children's race can register directly at the launch site.

Start-up package

Registration of participants, issuance of rooms and changing rooms 09.30 in KSK "Lapland" (ski complex).

Starter pack

  • Food:
  • The circle provides 1 point of nourishment and refreshment.

    After the finish to break the 5, 15, 25 km will be given water, tea, and pastries. For private children's race – tea.

  • The starting number.
  • Medical assistance on the course.
  • Manual timekeeping and a result in the final Protocol.
  • Photography on the route and the start-finish town.

Documents for getting a starter pack

Participants are required to carry and present at registration the following documents:

  • a passport or other document proving the identity;
  • original medical certificate with the seal of the issuing institution, signed and stamped by the physician, which should indicate that the participant admitted to the competition on the selected distance, or a distance greater extent (certificate must be issued not earlier than 6 months before the competition).

When obtaining a starter kit, the participant is obliged to sign a statement in which he disclaims the organizers responsible for any injuries he may get during the competition.

The race

Race on rough terrain in the Park "the Nightingale".



  • children's race - 10.30 am;
  • 25 km - 11.00;
  • 5 km and 15 km - 11.15.

The closure of the track at 13.30

Helpful information

All finishers 5, 15, 25 km of the original will be awarded commemorative medals. All participants-children's race will receive sweet prizes.

Winners are determined based on the time spent on the course since the General launch. The award will be presented for first three places in men's and women's absolute classification on each distance.

Distances information

The competition pass on the highway is mostly unpaved with a length of 4, 9 and 18 km, the route includes various high climbs and descents. The selection of participants is 4 different distances:

  • ~ 4 km (1 lap);
  • ~ 9 km (1 lap);
  • ~ 18 km (2 laps);
  • ~ children's race (450m).

Requirements for participants

In competitions can take part sportsmen and joggers, health and physical training which allows to overcome the stated distance. For minor participants, parental consent is required.

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