High-speed race to the peak of Love "Capricorn-2019"

High-speed race to the peak of Love "Capricorn"

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Championship of the Siberian Federal district on climbing in the discipline of skyrunning vertical kilometer "Capricorn"

City Arshan
Race type Trail  
10.04.2021  !
Social networks https://vk.com/club116750785
Distances 1.8 km
4 km
Price500-1000 RUB. 

High-speed race to the peak of Love "Capricorn": photos

Distances information

  • 1.8 km
  • 4 km

Requirements for participants

Allowed to the competitions athletes at the age of 18 years who do not have medical contraindications for exercise (mountain climbing).


Email: info.facio@mail.ru, veret-kat@mail.ru


  • Kirillov Sergey Envelopevis – chief justice (СС1К): 8-902-5-68-28-61
  • Veretenina Katerina V. – the chief Secretary (СС1К): 8-914-014-34-54