Sayan Ultra Trail

Sayan Ultra Trail

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The first ultra marathon in the mountains of Eastern Sayan

City Orlik
Race type Trail  
11.08.2021  !
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Distances 33 km
35 km
55 km
Price4900-8200 RUB. 

Distances information

Competitions are held in the highlands in two events (your choice):
  • Ultra Trail 55 km (set 2600 m). Control time: 16 hours.
  • Trail 33 km (set 600 metres). Control time: 7 hours.
The classification of the individual. The competition for men and women.

Also out of competition will be asked the distance to the Valley of Volcanoes in the format of speedhacking (a mountain hike at a fast pace): - Speed 35 km Hiking (set of 1600 m).

Distance Trail 33

The start of the race: the cottage Oka (annuals Shara-Tala).
Route: cottage Oka → annuals of Hotel → swamp → farm Buloni → river Hadary → fork khoyto-Gol/Choigan → finish on the sources of khoyto-Gol.

Distance Ultra Trail 55

The start of the race: the cottage Oka (annuals Shara-Tala)
Route: cottage Oka → pass of the Dade reign of Hotel → down towards the river valley of Zhombolok → a fork in the road in front of the lake Olon Nur → lake Graters Nur → comb between Zun and Barun HaDarom → 2540 m top → top 2749 m → the volcano peretolchina → R. Barun Hadary → pass CERBA → finish on the sources of khoyto-Gol.

Requirements for participants

At a distance Ultra Trail 55 pre-approval applications. In the "Your experience" you need to provide information about the experience of participating in marathons, rohanah, the adventure racing and similar competitions with long-term cyclic activity.

At the time of launch participant must not be younger than 18. Participants under the age of 18 allowed in the Speed Hiking distance of 35 km is accompanied by and under sole responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Participants at all distances Sayan Ultra Trail must have a valid insurance against accidents.


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