XVI Baikal Ice Marathon

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XVI Baikal ice marathon

City Listvyanka
Race type Snow
28.02.2021  !
Distances 21.1 km
42.2 km
Price42500-105400 RUB. 

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XVI Baikal Ice Marathon: race description


To pre-register applicants fills the application form in Russian with obligatory indication of participation in previous races, which can be confirmed by the protocols of the respective races (the last part in such races shall not be earlier than 3 years before the date BLM). Specified in the form of cross-country results must accompany an accurate, direct links to the web page track events, cross country containing the results of the applicant in these races

Applications containing only the name of the competition and the year will not be considered

Filled application form (can be found on the website AbsoluteSiberia) is sent to the email address: events@absolute-siberia.com

Start-up package

Issuing of starter packs to participants will be made either in accommodation facilities or during transportation of the participants to the starting place 07.03.18

Documents for getting a starter pack

  • Passport
  • Medical certificate

Medical certificate

2 months before the start all pre-registered participants must provide copies/scans of certificates issued by the clinic (medical institutions) or the medical physical dispensary indicating that the health status of a participant admitted to competition in marathon (with 3 stamps: stamp of the institution stamp of the registry "for reference" and a personal seal of the doctor issuing this certificate). After providing such information the participant's name is entered in the prelaunch list BLM. The original of the certificate the participant must bring a start

The race

Running a marathon on the ice of lake Baikal from one coast to the other will be held on 07 March, 2018 on the lake. Place and time of start, the finish location is determined one day to start; depending on the ice situation and ice conditions of the route the start of the BLM may be, as from the Eastern shore of lake Baikal, and from the West Bank

Distances information

Distance: 21.1 km, 42.2 km away.

Time limit marathon: 6 hours half marathon 4 hours..

Requirements for participants

To participate in BLM permitted physically healthy men and women:
  • least 18 years of age
  • who registered and paid the participation fee
  • having documented the experience of the race for the long haul


Email: events@absolute-siberia.com

Irkutsk, street of December Events, 55, of.203 "in", LLC "Absolute Siberia"

tel: (395-2) 20-75-61,

Fax (395-2) 29-62-18, + 7(914)888 49 79