Baltic trail

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The opportunity to run in the most beautiful Western part of Russia and enjoy a resort vacation in a fabulous location

City Zelenogradsk
Race type Trail  
25.07.2021  !
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Distances 300 meters
3 km
10 km
20 km
40 km
Price300-1300 RUB. 

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Baltic trail: race description

Zelenogradsk – cozy town on the shore of the Baltic sea, the beaches and the surrounding area which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Until 1946 the city was called Krantz and belonged to Germany, as the entire Kaliningrad oblast. The town is well preserved German architecture of the second half of the 19th century, making it look truly unique. Zelenogradsk is rich in sights and history, rooted in a real antiquity, absorbing the spirit of the people and events that creates a special atmosphere of this small town. Here everyone will find something to your liking.


The applications are on the website of the organizer.

Cross-country clubs 10% discount. To receive the discount, you need to write an email to the name of the club and a link to the page or website of the club.

Start-up package

The starter pack can be obtained 19.08.2018 in the start from 08:10.

Starter pack

  • starting number
  • t-shirt
  • handouts

Documents for getting a starter pack

When you receive a start package, the participant must provide:

  • The original of the identity card;
  • Original medical certificate, issued not earlier 19.02.18, which contains the seal of a medical institution, signature and stamp of doctor date of issue, name of the participant and the conclusion that the participant is allowed to compete in running (or has no contraindications for participation in running race) on the track or greater;
  • For participants aged 16-17 years extras: the original consent from parents for participation in the Event or personal presence of a parent when you receive the starter package;
  • The proof of exemption for privileged categories of citizens.

The race

Date and time: August 19, 2018 from 08:00 to 15:00

The start and finish location are in one place: Kaliningrad region, Zelenogradsk, the area is "wind rose".


  • 08:00 Opening of the race headquarters
  • 08:10 Start issuing starter packs
  • 09:20 official part
  • 09:50 Warm-up
  • 10:00 Start 300 m distance to 6 years
  • 10:10 Start 300 m distance 7-11 years
  • 10:20 Start of the race 1946 m
  • 10:40 awarding the winners of the 300 m
  • 10:45 awarding of the winners of the 1946 m
  • 10:50 Warm-up
  • 11:00 Start distances of 10 km and 20 km
  • 11:45 Award winners 10 km
  • 13:00 awarding of the winners of the 20 km
  • 15:00 Closing of the starting town

Distances information

Time limit:
  • 300 m - 5 mins,
  • 3 km - 30 minutes
  • 10 km - 1 h 30 min,
  • 20 km - 3 hours
  • 40 km - 6 hours.

Requirements for participants

To race at the distance of 300 m allowed participants 11 and under.

To race at the distance of 3 km allowed participants 12 years and older.

For the race at a distance of 10 km allowed participants 16 years and older.

For the race at the distance of 20 km and 40 km allowed participants 18 years and older.

Minor participants are admitted to the Event unless accompanied by parents (legal representatives) who are required to submit the documents proving the identity of the parent (legal representative) and confirming the authority of the parent (legal representative).


OOO "Space Marathon"

141070, Moscow region., Korolev, Kaliningrad travel, 1, room 57

Phone: +7 (929) 995-94-04