Festival of mountain running "UpHill Algora"

Festival of mountain running "UpHill Algora"

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Algora UpHill mountain running in the recreation center Jalgora. A unique landscape, magnificent views of tens of kilometers, rocks, mosses, berries, shore of lake Onega – all of Algore TRAIL! It is worth to escape from the stuffy, noisy city and enjoy the freshness of autumn Karelian forest.

City Yalguba
Race type Skyrunning  
15.08.2021  !
Social networks https://vk.com/ksf.uphill https://www.facebook.com/kareliaskifest https://twitter.com/KareliaSkiFest
Distances 250 meters
500 meters
1 km
5 km
9 km
18 km
Price1200 - 2000 RUB. 

Festival of mountain running "UpHill Algora": photos

Festival of mountain running "UpHill Algora": video

Distances information

  • Trail (Cross-country): 5 km
  • Trail (Cross-country): 9 km
  • Trail (Cross country): 18 km
  • Trekking (Nordic walking): 9 km
  • Vertical 1000 meters
  • 500 vertical meters
  • 250 vertical meters

Control time to overcome distances of 5, 9 and 18 km – 3 hours.

Control time to overcome distance of 1000 m – 180 minutes, 500 m – 110 minutes 250 meters 60 minutes.

Requirements for participants

  • To participate in the disciplines allowed participants 14 years and older;
  • Participants under 18 years give the organizers a medical certificate on the admission to sporting events, signed by your physician;
  • Also requires the presence of a coach or a parent, or the legal representative passport;
  • The attendee check chooses the age group and discipline.

Participants under 18 years need the presence of a parent or legal representative with a passport.


  • Email: info@kareliasportfest.ru
  • Tel: +7-921-224-02-02
  • Yaroslav Anisina 8(960)213-22-33
  • Paul Sarin 8(963)749-63-14
  • Alex Durjagin 8(921)228-08-44