Gas trail

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Festival of trailrunning in Sheregesh, and the third race from the Siberian TAIGA trail TRAIL SERIES.
City Kemerovo
Race type Trail  
13.08.2021  !
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Distances 500 meters
1 km
13 km
23 km
Price400 - 2700 RUB. 

Requirements for participants

To participate in the Competition is open to all comers, men and women having the medical admission registration on the website of the race and paid the entry fee.

Are allowed to participate:

  • Gesh Trail 23 - persons aged 18 years and older;
  • Gesh Trail 13 - persons aged 14 years and older;
  • Gesh Vertical - persons aged 14 years and older;
  • Gesh Kid's Run — children up to 13 years inclusive;

The age of participants for admission to the Competition is determined as of the date of the Competition. For minor participants required a receipt from one of the parents that all the responsibility for the child's participation in the race they undertake.

Participants upon receipt of starter packs must provide an original medical certificate.

For privileged categories of citizens upon receipt of the starter package, you must also present a document certifying the right of participant to receive benefits to pay the registration fee.

Responsibility for compliance with safety rules on the course, for the life and health of participants. When you receive a start package, the participant must sign the agreement, according to which he disclaims organizers responsible for any injuries received during Competition.


WhatsApp: +7(913)206-94-20


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