Polar Series race on the National

Polar Series race on the National

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The race to the highest point of the Urals - mountain Narodnaya.

City Inta
Race type Trail  
17.08.2021  !
Social networks https://vk.com/uralraces
Distances 50 km  
Price6900-9000 RUB. 

Polar Series race on the National: photos

Polar Series race on the National: race description

Stunning beauty of nature in the Polar Urals, the oldest mountains in the world, glaciers, spellbinding landscapes. Incredible and majestic Manaraga and the highest point of the Urals, mount Narodnaya (1895 m). All of this - the route of the Polar series.

This is your chance to get acquainted with the pristine nature of the polar and Polar Urals in just one week!


Registration for the ultra marathon runs here . Registration ends July 15, 2018 or when the limit of participants.

After July 15, 2018 to register will be possible only upon agreement with the organizers.

Start-up package

Starter packs for the race will be issued 12 - 13 August 2018 on the basis of rest "Desirable".

Starter pack

  • Medal puzzle
  • Finisher's t-shirt
  • Backpack
  • The starting number

Documents for getting a starter pack

Bibs are made only on presentation of identity document. When you receive the starter package, the member shall sign a statement in which he disclaims the organizers responsible for any injuries received during competition.

The race

Polar series Transural will take place 12-16 August 2018 in the Polar Urals. The competition centre is located on the territory of base of rest "Welcome," Komi Republic, 130 km from the city of INTA.

Helpful information

Personal mandatory equipment for each participant of the race:

  • first aid kit
  • the insulating rescue blanket min size 140*200 cm;
  • hydrogen peroxide (at least 30 ml);
  • elastic bandage(minimum 2m)/sports tape;
  • bandage (10cm*3M);
  • patch(min 3cm*2m);
  • pain pills (Ketanov or equivalent);
  • pills from diarrhea;
  • Allergy pills;
  • whistle;
  • compass (in hours does not fit!)
  • lighter/matches in germophobe;
  • map with the race route and starting number (issued by the organizers upon registration);
  • a backpack containing the compulsory equipment, food and drink;
  • waterproof jacket with hood;
  • running shoes, applicable in mountainous terrain;
  • the supply of water or drink at least 1 liter;
  • the food supplies necessary for the course, energy value of at least 1000 kcal (3 Snickers);
  • waterproof headlamp with a set of batteries/accumulators, providing work for 12 hours.
  • fleece jacket (perhaps thermal underwear)
  • Jogging pants (pants, titsy, tights, etc. that fully cover legs).
  • buff or cap
  • protective and warming thin gloves
  • mug or flask for food (issued by the organizers in the starting package)

Recommended equipment:

  • a device that can receive GPS-signal for navigation in case of withdrawal from the marked route (it can be a smartphone with GPS function);
  • telescopic trekking poles;
  • sunglasses;
  • mug or bottle of water on the course
  • the cream prevent the effects from rubbing;
  • mosquito and insect repellent for protection from biting insects;

Distances information

50 km

Requirements for participants

Participants must observe the rules of stay in the national Park “Yugyd VA”.

Organizers are free from any material, civil or criminal liability in case of bodily injury or property damage suffered during race.

Participants on the national ultra marathon distances (50 km), Manaraga Ultra-trail (95 miles) must have a valid accident insurance. The organizers will provide such insurance during registration. The cost of insurance 300r.

The participants are aware that the distance of the race is on the roads different permeability and is potentially unsafe.

Saleas for the race, participants warrant that they are aware of their health status, own physical opportunities and the level of their technical skills.

The organizers reserve the right to disqualify participants,seen in the careless and rude attitude to the nature. All the garbage you need to take with me to the finish line.

During the race, the start number always must be on the parties and attached over all the clothes.

The party descended from the race shall as soon as possible contact the organizers and be at the finish line.


E-mail: info@transural-run.com

Phone: +7 (922) 142-17-76

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