X-Ultra "Gelendzhik" H. dzhankhot

X-Ultra "Gelendzhik" H. dzhankhot

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The aim of the race is to enable participants to see the sights of Gelendzhik area, Krasnodar territory

City Dzhankhot
Race type Trail  
10.10.2021  !
Social networks https://vk.com/ultragelendgik
Distances 5 km
10 km
21 km
50 km

X-Ultra "Gelendzhik" H. dzhankhot: photos

Distances information


  • The official length of the distance of 50km. Start beach spit river mouth Mezyb ' the village of Divnomorskoe. Further, the alley health resort "Energetik" street Goluboglazka further on Kirova str. to the road to dzhankhot, the shoulder to the sign , the descent past the vineyards to the gates of memory, a turn along the vineyards to pine grove, mile pine ledge, the descent to the spring, the first warm-up ascent on the old road in dzhankhot, down to the pier to the village of dzhankhot, coastal poloxamine waterfall to the rock Sail, canyon, rocks , Sail, mountain climb, descend to the village of Praskoveyevka, on local streets through the pass to Kolbasino slit to the arbor pivot and back.

Half marathon:

  • The official length of the distance of 23 km from the Beginning of the way back on the mountain Petrokas.


  • The official length of the distance of 10 km and a Reversal in p. dzhankhot.


  • Pine to spring and back.

Requirements for participants

  • To participate in the 5 race, 10 km open to all interested persons 18 years and older
  • The distance 21/50 km run passed qualification with relevant experience in participation in marathons and similar distances
  • All participants on the registration-admission sign a document about absence of any contraindications for participation in the race and self-responsibility for their health, will be interviewed by the judge at the competition,as well as measurement of blood pressure


Contact the organizers:

  • Phone: 89184385749
  • Phone: 89184597529