Gatchina half marathon

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Gatchina half marathon is the main start of the series #GatchinaRun.

City Gatchina
Race type Road  
Date 15.11.2020 
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Distances 1,5 km
10,5 km
21 km
Price500-3000 RUB. 

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Gatchina half marathon: race description


Submission of applications and payment of entry fees are made on the website Russia Running.

In the day of the race the receipt of applications will not be made.

Start-up package

On the eve of the race EXPO, at HSS MAYAK, Gatchina, Chekhov's street, d. 9a. The EXPO will be bibs.

Documents for getting a starter pack

To obtain the starting numbers should:

  • to show the document proving the identity, gender and age;
  • for persons with disabilities – a document confirming the status of constraints;
  • a medical certificate not more than six months ago (indicating the required or greater distances) or a statement of personal responsibility for their health during the competition.

Medical certificate

Upon receipt of the certificate or a copy must be sent to the Secretariat. To get back to help you after the finish from the chief Secretary.

The race

The start will be given from the intersection of Cathedral street and Karl Marx street 12:00. Mileage will be held on the streets of Gatchina.


  • 08:00 Opening EXPO
  • 11:00 Closure of traffic along the route of the half marathon
  • 11:00 Independent warm-up participants
  • 11:30 General warm-up parties, performances by cheerleaders GPK
  • 12:00 start of the half marathon
  • 15:00 After monitoring time taking into account the results of the participants
  • 15:00 Opening of streets for pedestrians only
  • 16:30 Awarding of winners (HSS Mayak, Chekhov's street d. 9A)
  • 18:00 End of competition, closing EXPO

Helpful information

The half-marathon will start pacemaker on target time: 1:20, 1:30, 1:40, 1:50, 2:00, 2:10.

Requirements for participants

At the distance of 21km can take part all interested persons older than 18 years, having the necessary training.

At a distance of 1.5 and 10.5 km there are no age restrictions.

The age group for the distance of 21km:

  • M18, Ж18 – men and women 18-39 years of age;
  • M40 Ж40 – men and women 40-49 years of age;
  • M50, Ж50 – men and women 50-59 years of age;
  • M60 Ж60 – men and women 60-69 years of age;
  • M70, Ж70 – men and women 70 years and older.



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