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Traditional track and field athletics run "Gatchina – Pushkin"

City Gatchina
Race type Road  
The race is no longer held
Distances 2 km
5 km
10 km
Price300 RUB. 

Mileage GATCHINA – PUSHKIN: photos

Mileage GATCHINA – PUSHKIN: video

Mileage GATCHINA – PUSHKIN: race description


Online registration is at the website reg.o-time.

On race day, registration is not carried out.

Start-up package

The credentials Committee and the results of the room at a distance of 10 km,5 km and 2 km the day of the race from 09.30 to 11.00 Pushkin, St. Magazeinaya., 42 SPb GBU "House of youth "Tsarskoye Selo".

Documents for getting a starter pack

In the credentials Committee members and team representatives the following documents:

  • application, certified by the head of the organization, the current health permit for each athlete (for team officials);
  • certificate of admission to the competition, the participant (only for athletes, applied for the competition in person);
  • passport, birth certificate or copies thereof;
  • the contract of insurance of life and health from accidents (the original).

The race

Distance 10 km, Krasnoselsky highway (2.2 km from the Kiev highway before the intersection Krasnoselskoe highway and Sobolev road) - Park street – the road to the Alexander - kuzminskoye highway - St Leningrad - St. Vyacheslav Shishkov (finish SPb GBU CFXS "Tsar's Village").

Distance 5 km - the road to Alexandrov (1.2 km from the Orlov gates in front of the bridge of the river Kuzminka) - kuzminskoye highway - St Leningrad - St. Vyacheslav Shishkov (finish SPb GBU CFXS "Tsar's Village").

Distance 2 km - Kuz'myns'ke shosse 66. - Leningradskaya St. - street Vyacheslav Shishkov (finish SPb GBU "TFXS "Tsar's Village").


The competition will start at 12:00.

Distances information

Participants compete on distances: 10 km, 5 km and 2 km.

Requirements for participants

To participate in the Mileage allowed athletes of all ages and have a current admission medical sports clinic, or a single medical certificate of admission to the competition, the contract (the original) on insurance of life and health against accidents, for each participant of the competition.


The Department of physical culture, Pushkin district, (812) 466-62-52, 576-92-90 Stadium Tsfkis, KAB.3.9: +7 931 326-05-90, R. T.: (812) 466-50-36

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