Mileage, dedicated to the Victory Day

Mileage, dedicated to the Victory Day

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Traditional track and field race, dedicated to Victory Day

City Petergof
Race type Road  
08.05.2021  !
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Distances 4 km
8 km
12 km

Mileage, dedicated to the Victory Day: photos

Mileage, dedicated to the Victory Day: race description


Applications for participation are accepted 1 hour before the competition at the venue.

Medical certificate

To participate in the run allowed participants underwent medical examination and have a medical permit for the competitions, indicating the distance.

Participation in the run is allowed only if the contract (the original) on insurance of life and health from accidents on the day of the run, which is available to the credentials Committee for each participant.

The race

Start at 12:00 in the alley of Alexandria (Proletarian) Park adjoining school No. 542 at address: Peterhof, St. Petersburg prospect, 4.

Helpful information

Travel to the stop "the Palace Telegraph station" from the subway "Avtovo", "Leninsky prospect", "prospect VETERANOV" on the social bus № 200, 210, 278, 348, 359 commercial buses No. 401, 401A, 636, 639Б, 103, 224, 300, 343, 404, 420, 424, 424А.

Requirements for participants

To participate in the mileage allowed athletes and running enthusiasts of all age groups.

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