Piskaryovskoye half marathon

Piskaryovskoye half marathon

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Charity run "Piskarevsky half marathon" is a true celebration of sport for the whole family!

City St. Petersburg
Race type Road  
12.06.2021  !
Social networks https://vk.com/piskarevskii_halfmarathon
Distances 250 meters
500 meters
2.5 km
5 km
10 km
21.1 km
4*2.5 km
Price600-3600 RUB. 

Piskaryovskoye half marathon: photos

Piskaryovskoye half marathon: video

Distances information

Competitions are held at several distances in the disciplines - running, Nordic walking, children's races.

Requirements for participants

  • to sign the responsibility for their health and physical training
  • to comply with the rules of the competition
  • properly attach your bib number and to allow reading it during the whole race
  • in case of an emergency to inform the judges at the finish or on the course
  • before you start to attach on the ankle chip issued in your starter pack
  • to take the chip at the finish, in case of loss or damage to compensate for its cost – 1500 rubles

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