Memory run MS USSR G. G. Pakhomov

Memory run MS USSR G. G. Pakhomov

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Mileage, on the anniversary of Victory in great Patriotic war, in memory of master of sports of the USSR G. G. Pakhomov

City St. Petersburg
Race type Road  
25.04.2021  !
Distances 400 meters
2 km
7.2 km

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Memory run MS USSR G. G. Pakhomov: race description


Accepting applications, certified by physician for participation in competitions are accepted on the day start from 9:30 to 11:00.

Preliminary applications are accepted by telephone 378-25-11 and electronic mail.

Medical certificate

The race is attended by all persons interested, having the medical admission.

The race

The competition will take place on 7 may 2017. at the stadium “Cfxs” Moscow area to the address: Avenue of Cosmonauts, 47.

The main distance - 7 km start at 12:00.

Distance 2 miles start at 11:20.

The distance of 400 m start at 12:05 .

Requirements for participants

To participate in the Competitions of Russian and foreign citizens, both individually and in the teams of sports schools, clubs and other sports organizations that meet these regulations age groups who have a medical permit, issued in the prescribed manner not later than 30 days prior to the date of the Competition, as well as having a contract (policy) of life insurance and health from accidents.


The Department of physical culture and sports of the Moscow district of St. Petersburg, Moscow district Cfset

(812) 378-25-11;

Postnikov Ivan Konstantinovich: 8-921-330-18-89

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