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Night races race around the lake Khepoyarvi with a lantern!

City Toksovo
Race type Trail
Night run  
31.10.2020  !
Social networks http://vk.com/nighttrailrun https://www.facebook.com/sktoksovo/
Distances 21 km  
Price900 RUB. 


"NIGHT TRAIL RUN": race description

The NIGHT RUN AND race AROUND the LAKE Khepoyarvi with a lantern!

You trailrunner, velo-adventurer, a fan of half marathon distance or novice runner? Sports club "Toksovo" is throwing you the challenge!


Pre-entries are accepted on the website: o-time.

On the day of start registration and payment is made directly to the starting town.

Start-up package

Starter packs are issued on race day from 17:00.

Starter pack

Paid the entry fee, provided:

  • prepared and marked trail;
  • starting number;
  • storage of personal belongings;
  • food on the course (isotonic);
  • first aid;
  • completed a distance – diploma of the participant in electronic form;
  • the original medal all finished the distance.

Documents for getting a starter pack

Participants should have at itself the document proving the identity.

The race

Location: Leningrad region, Vsevolozhsk R-n, MO "Toksovskoe urban settlement", sanatorium street, house 35, hotel "Kavgolovo".


  • 16:30 opening of the competition centre, in the dining room of the hotel "Kavgolovo"
  • 17:00 Issuing of start numbers
  • 17:30 Warm-up participants
  • 17:45 Checking lighting equipment and appropriate equipment
  • 17:55 Building at the start of the race participants
  • 17:50 Start NIGHT TRAIL RIDE (launch party bikes)
  • 17:55 Start of NIGHT TRAIL DOG-TREKKING (launch party with dogs)
  • 18:00 Start of NIGHT TRAIL RUN (launch party cross country half marathon)
  • 19:30 the leaders Finish the race
  • 20:30 Awarding of winners
  • 21:00 Closing the finish line.

Helpful information

All runners are required to start with a headlamp lighting device (lamp) for runners and with the headlamp on the bike (for cyclists).

All runners are required to start in clothing that has reflective elements.

All participants are recommended to start with a mobile phone, with the battery fully charged.

Distances information

The distance is only 21 km. long


NGO "Sports club "Toksovo", MU "CLC "Toksovo", MO "Toksovskoe urban settlement" Tel: +7 (951) 666-2244, Kokanov A. V.

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