Space mountain - Space Hill Trail

Space mountain - Space Hill Trail

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Trail is always a cross-country test, so as a hitch all participants will receive refreshing water treatments, massage, yoga, music, hammocks in the shade of trees, delicious food and entertainment.

City Korolyev
Race type Trail  
31.07.2021  !
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Distances 4 km
8 km
16 km
32.8 km
Price1000-1800 RUB. 

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Space mountain - Space Hill Trail: race description


Registration of participants is carried out on the website Spacemarathon and Russiarunningon the day of competition registration no.

Start-up package

Bibs on the day of launch on 29 July from 08:00 to 12:00, the start-finish town

Starter pack

Starter pack each participant includes:

  • chip for individual timing
  • member number
  • handouts

Documents for getting a starter pack

  • the identity document
  • medical certificate on the admission to the selected distance

Medical certificate

A medical certificate must be issued not earlier than 6 months before the competition

The race

"Space mountain" is a mountain running events. The trail passes on the high Bank of the Klyazma river, in the district Borkowski fields. The route will pass in a few laps. Lap length ~2 km.


29 Jul

  • 07:00 Opening of the race headquarters
  • 07:30 Start issuing starter packs
  • 09:30 Start distances of 32 km and 16 km, Start waves, 30 people every 2 minutes. Quick please go ahead.
  • 12:00 Start distance of 4 km. Awarding of winners in the absolute at the distance of 16 km.
  • 12:30 Start distance 8km, start of the relay teams. Start waves. Quick please go ahead.
  • 13:30 Awarding of winners in the absolute at the distance of 32 km.
  • 14:00 Awarding of winners in the absolute distances of 4 km and 8 km relay teams
  • 15:00 Closing distances and sports town
  • 16:00 closing of the start-finish town

Helpful information

Bib number each athlete must secure on the chest, not below the belt, four pins. The room must be fixed horizontally and do not have to hide parts of clothing. At any time the number must be clearly visible.

Distances information

Describe a route you can - space centrifuge in nature!

Circles, circles, slopes, lifts without stopping.

Ready to test your vestibular sensor? spin with us!

If you're new to running — just 4 km track

if you regularly run for more than six months, then at 8 km

for runners with the experience of our space of 16 km

well, for the most hardened 32 km — 16 rpm in our centrifuge!

Requirements for participants

Entry is open to all interested athletes who have received appropriate training and have a medical certificate

Children under 18 years can run the distance in person at the competition parents or legal representatives



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