Summer marathon in Telecom Park

Summer marathon in Telecom Park

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City Moscow
Race type Road  
20.06.2021  !
Distances 12 km
21,1 km
42,2 km
50 km
Price700-1200 RUB. 

Summer marathon in Telecom Park: photos

Summer marathon in Telecom Park: race description


You can register as a pre-and day of start.

Registration and payment is made on the website - in electronic form. You need to fill in an application form and pay the entry fee.

Preliminary applications for participation in the mileage are accepted on e-mail: or by telephone 89166180179 (Alexey Filippov).

Start-up package

The results of the offer will take place from 09.00 to 09.50 12 August 2018 at the launch site.

Documents for getting a starter pack

The participant is allowed to start with the personal signature of the participant confirming that he / she is familiar with the Situation "on the holding of the athletics VI Summer marathon in Telecom Park" and bears personal responsibility for their health and for their training for competitions.

Medical certificate

The participant bears the personal responsibility for their health.

The race

Venue: Moscow, HLW, Terletsky Park.


  • The start is at 10.00 hours on 12 August 2018.

Helpful information

Food: water, Coca-Cola, tangerines, lemons, tea, raisins, dried apricots, dates

Distances information

The track - maze, the length of the circle 4.2 km of mixed type (gravel, asphalt, soil, road tiles ), starts from the Playground to the side of the main alley, turn right, continue on main Avenue to Free Avenue. Turn right on a footpath, tile, next, near the stable yard and straight to the asphalt road, turn right to the end of asphalt road. Then turn right to the start, where the turn to the next round. The route will be marked with arrows on the road surface.

50 miles-12 laps; Marathon - 10 laps; half Marathon – 5 laps;12 km – 3 laps

Requirements for participants

The competition involved men and women 18 years and older, pre-paid the entry fee.



  • Email:
  • Phone: +7 916 618 01 79

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