parkrun Sokolniki

parkrun Sokolniki

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Sokolniki parkrun — weekly free race for 5 km with the time

City Moscow
Race type Road  
06.11.2021  !
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Distances 5 km  
Pricefree run 

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parkrun Sokolniki is a five-kilometer race at the time.

We all run solely for fun. Just join us and run as fast as you want!

After the finish, we chat and enjoy tea and Goodies brought in.


Registration on the website —>

You will have to register in the parkrun system only once.

Start-up package

Before you start: in a Moscow Park Sokolniki, 6-luchevoy Prosek

Documents for getting a starter pack

Don't forget to take part in the race printed copy of your barcode. If you arrive without a barcode, your result will not be counted.

  • Do not forget to print your barcode! You will find it in the letter confirming your registration in the newsletter or in letters with the results of previous races. Or you can request a reminder letter. With phone barcode scan possible, so please be sure to bring it on the race printed copy!
  • One of the basic rules of parkrun races: "No barcode — no result". If you forget to bring a printed copy of your barcode on the race, your result will not be counted!
  • Gonna run the race for the first time? Please be sure to sign up and read the description of the track.

The race

Location: in a Moscow Park Sokolniki, 6-luchevoy Prosek


The launch will take place on 25 September at 13:00

Helpful information

Our race is also an opportunity to communicate, find new friends, share their experiences, learn new things about Amateur running. The warmest conversations are only with tea, so take it with you, as well as Goodies!


The toilet is 200 meters from the start and finish. Locker rooms - 500 m from start and finish. The Park is rich with a variety of cafes, restaurants and refreshment tents. Here you will find Bicycle rental and ski equipment, of course, in the appropriate season. The Park is specially provided markings for cyclists, skaters and walkers/runners. A large number of sports fields available to every visitor. Sokolniki Park has its own open-air cinema, swimming pool, thematic clubs, museums, attractions, and flower gardens. And in the winter in the Park is traditionally an ice rink.

Distances information

The track is asymmetrical butterfly is on the 6th Ray lane (asphalt), Mitki-the driveway (asphalt) and Trail health (soil) Sokolniki Park. The route marked by painted lines, and at the key intersection is the Marshal.

800 meters from the start of the 6th Ray lane to the first corner on the dirt path give rise to the track. Next is a right turn which is marked by the marking. Here is the Marshal.

After the rotation through 250 meters on your left will be the Park's pond. You need to follow past the pond until the end of the dirt trail. The route turns right twice, changing the first coating on the tile, and then on the asphalt. The movement is carried out strictly according to the markup, which returns to the starting point where you made a 180*.

After the turn at the start again to conquer is 800 metres from Marshall is already familiar with the intersection and to make this time turn left onto the dirt path. Following on it and after 300 metres you need to cross the glades, past a Playground with equipment. After crossing 150 meters markings indicated a right turn. Following the markup, go straight 500 meters, the trail returns to the asphalt.

A marking of a marked turn to the left and after 150 meters and turn 180*. From this point a straight stretch of the track is 1200 meters long.

Requirements for participants

The run is free, so that all the participants bear full responsibility.


The organization of the race is engaged exclusively by volunteers. Drop us an email to if you want to join them.

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