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Grom SwimRun competition, which replaces the swimming stage treadmill a few times per round

City Moscow
Race type Road  
24.07.2021  !
Social networks https://vk.com/3sport_org https://www.facebook.com/gromclub https://twitter.com/gromclub https://www.instagram.com/grom.club http://youtube.com/3sportorg
Distances 12 km  
Price2000-2500 RUB. 

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SWIMRUN Grom: race description

The rowing canal is an amazing place, filled with special sports energy. Without leaving Moscow, you will plunge into the atmosphere of the race and felt the heat of the struggle and passions in the new series launches Grom.

Grom SwimRun competition, which replaces the swimming stage running several times per lap.


The application form for participation in the competition can be submitted online at reg.place.

Was is the participant who filed the application and paid the entry fee.

Information about assigned start number will be sent to participants by SMS on the mobile number listed in the registration form.

Start-up package

When you receive the starter package, each participant must sign a statement in which he takes responsibility for their health, confirms the absence of contraindications that prevent participation in the competition, and completely relieves the organizers responsible for any injuries received during competition.

The start kits will occur in the area of “Registration” of the starting town of the competition the day of the race from 14:00 to 15:45.

Starter pack

In the start-up kit includes: swimming cap, race number-t-shirt, a souvenir from sponsors.

Documents for getting a starter pack

The start kits are made only on presentation of identity document and the original medical opinion.

Each participant gets a starter pack personally. No member of the party could not get the starter pack.

Medical certificate

The basis for admission of the participant to the competitions is the presence of a medical report on the admission to participation in mass events in running and swimming or triathlon. When you receive the starter package, the participants present the original medical report. Holders of green card Grom is enough to show that instead of the original medical opinion.

The race

The starting place: Moscow, Krylatskoe rowing channel. The start and finish are in the same place.


  • 14:00-15:45 * start kits to the starting town of the competition
  • 15:45 gathering the participants at the start, pre-start briefing
  • 16:00 Start of the competition SwimRun
  • 16:15 Closing start
  • 18:30 Awarding of winners and prize-winners of competitions in simran.
  • 19:00 Closing of the race.

Distances information

Distance 12 km consists of 2 identical laps, each with 3 treadmills and 3 swimming stage. Terrain is flat.

The limit on the race: 3 hours.

Requirements for participants

Entry is open to men and women 18 years and older.

Permitted equipment at simran: paddles for swimming, kolebalki, buoys and other boats, the size of which does not exceed 100 cm x 60 cm With all this equipment from start to finish, the participants carry with them or on yourself.

Prohibited equipment: fins, any vehicles or other mechanical traction.


Phone: +7 499 500 55 46, +7 499 403-34-01

Email: info@3sport.org, pavel@3sport.org

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