Moncha Night Trail

Moncha Night Trail

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Night trail race in the heart of the Kola Peninsula through the mount Nyuduaivench

City Monchegorsk
Race type Night run  
11.09.2021  !
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Distances 8 km
15 km
30 km
Price700-1700 RUB. 

Moncha Night Trail: photos

Moncha Night Trail: race description


Electronic registration for the trail opens from 00:01 05 Jun 2018 on the website: Russia Running Moncha Night Trail

Start-up package

01 September, 2018 on mount Nyuduaivench

Starter pack

  • member number
  • handouts

Documents for getting a starter pack

  • passport (or other valid document with photo and proof of age participant);
  • original medical certificate with the seal of the issuing institution, signed and stamped by the doctor.
  • DRI receipt of the start package, the Participant is obliged to sign a statement in which he disclaims the organizers responsible for any injuries received during competition.

The race

Location: mount Nyuduaivench


  • 19:30-20:30 Registration of participants, issuing starter packs
  • 20:45 briefing of participants, opening ceremony
  • 20:50 Registration of participants in the starting corridor
  • 21:00 Start of the race at 15 km
  • 23:00 Expected finish time of first participants Awarding of winners and prize-winners at the end of the race all participants of the competition
  • 03:00 Control time. The closure distance.

Helpful information

Due to the fact that the race takes place in the dark time of the day each participant must have a

  • Headlamp (with a loaded power source)
  • Redundant power supply (for headlamp)
  • Whistle

Distances information


  • 8 km - altitude 450 m - time limit 4 hours
  • 15 km - altitude: 800 m - time limit 6 hours
  • 30 km - altitude 1350 m - time limit 10 hours

Requirements for participants

To participate in the competitions open to all interested persons aged 18 + (over 18 years), the Age of the participant determined as of the date of the competition who do not have medical contraindications, with good physical preparation and insurance against accidents (not the MLA), and passed to the jury a receipt of personal responsibility for their lives and health.

Limit of participants:

  • 8 km - unlimited
  • 30 km - 100 participants
  • 15 km - 100 participants


Arthur Kuusik:

  • phone: +79533029087
  • Email: