Run "Barskie mile"

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!!!Run "Barskie miles 2020" this year is cancelled!!!
City Bor
Race type Road  
25.04.2021  !
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Distances 3.2 km
5.34 km
12.8 km

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Run "Barskie mile": race description


Preliminary applications for participation in the competition submitted through the online system hosted on official website 26.04.2018 to g inclusive.

Applications on launch day are limited (only upon availability).

Medical certificate

The presence of a medical certificate or medical application required.

The race

The race takes place on 28 April 2018.

Start at 12.00.

The distance run through the streets of the village with access to the forest, coating the pavement, the terrain is moderately rugged.


The program of competitions:

  • 12:00 – start of 3 mile, boys and girls 13 years and under
  • 12:25 – start at a distance of 5 miles, women 35 years and older, girls 17 years and younger
  • 12:25 – start at the distance of 10 versts, men 40 years and older, youths 17 years and younger

Requirements for participants

To participate in the mileage allowed athletes and runners who have been trained and passed a medical examination (medical certificate or medical applications).

Adult parties, assured the personal signature personal responsibility for their health, can be allowed to participate in the run.

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