Trail "Barskie windbreaks"

Trail "Barskie windbreaks"

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City Bor
Race type Trail  
09.08.2021  !
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Distances 1 km
10 km
20 km
40 km
Price250-1000 RUB. 

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Trail "Barskie windbreaks": race description


Applications will be accepted by the organizers with the help of electronic forms hosted on the website. Bid is the participant registered in the electronic form and paying the participation.

Start-up package

All participants at the start will be provided with a scheme of distance, drawn at a scale of 1:50000.

For the control course, you will use the system of electronic marker system (SportIdent). Participants will receive electronic chips fixed on a hand a special bracelet for fixation (an additional strengthening of the bracelet in a way that allows the judges to verify the integrity of the bracelet). At the finish of the electronic chips give up to the organizers.

Documents for getting a starter pack

  • To confirm the right to participate in any age group participants must have proof of age.
  • Minor participants (juniors aged 12 to 17 years) are admitted on the basis of medical admission Sports physician and with the parent's or application certified by the head of the educational organization.
  • To Trelew (except RSD) allowed adult participants, subject to providing the medical certificate confirming the proper condition, and in effect at the time of the trail. All entrants grant to GSK of the receipt of their willingness to Trelew and the withdrawal from the organizers of responsibility for any injury and damage to equipment, uniforms, and equipment.

Starter pack

  • scheme trail
  • member number
  • chip e-marked (returned to the organizers at the finish)
  • pins
  • the package to be dropped
  • gifts from sponsors (if available)

Medical certificate

Minor participants (juniors aged 12 to 17 years) are admitted on the basis of a medical certificate of a Sports physician

The race

The starting place: Nizhny Novgorod oblast Bor (red'kinskiy s/C) D. D. of 19 , DALE "the Eaglet"


  • 8.00 – 9.45 arrival of participants, registration (provision of medical certificates and receipts), bibs.
  • 9.45 – 9.55 opening of the trail, conducting pre-flight briefing
  • 10.00 start of the competition
  • 15.00 closing of the finish
  • Awarding of winners will be held after the finish of the 40 % of participants + 30 minutes.

Helpful information

Compulsory and recommended equipment

  • Drink at least 0.5 liters.
  • Carbohydrate nutrition.
  • The emergency phone number.
  • Clothing for the weather, head piece, gloves.
  • It is recommended that the distance in running tights, sports pants.

Distances information

Participants will be offered 4 distances: RSD (parents with children), T-10, T-20 and T-40 (a length of about 500 m-1 km, 10, 20 and 40 km, respectively). The exact parameters and GPS track will be posted in the technical information at least a week before the event. Point to the start and finish are the same, all distances are overcome in one lap.

About 70% of the race will be on dirt roads, 10% on the trails and glades of varying degrees of terrain, 20% roads. Individual segments of the race will occur in the swamps passable.

Requirements for participants

All participants are divided into men and women, as well as the following age groups:

- parents with children aged 0 to 11 years (RSD). A party is considered to be one child. The participants overcome the distance accompanied / under supervision of parents (official representatives) for the entire distance; - juniors 12 to 17 years; elite 18-39 years; veterans 40-49 years; - supernaturaly 50 and older.

The age of the participant determined as of 31.12.2018

To confirm the right to participate in any age group participants must have proof of age.

The organizers reserve the right to combine age groups if they 3 or less people.


Korolev Alexey:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +79О87223823

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