Memory run rytsareva

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Open championship of a city of Novosibirsk "Novosibirsk track and field athletics run of memory of V. rytsareva"

City Novosibirsk
Race type Trail  
13.06.2021  !
Distances 7.5 km
15 km
22.5 km
Price100-150 RUB. 

Memory run rytsareva: photos

Memory run rytsareva: race description


Preliminary applications for participation in Competitions are accepted on the website Sportsoyuznsk or email confirmation of participation and payment of the entry fee on the day of the competition

The race

The competition is held on 10 June 2018 in the Soviet district of Novosibirsk (Akademgorodok), in the territory of the ski base SB RAS named after A. Tula, located to the address: Novosibirsk, street the Ionosphere., 1


  • 08:45 – 10:10 registration of participants
  • 10:15 – transfer to the launch pad, warm-up, the construction of participants, opening of the competition
  • 10:30 – start of participants

Requirements for participants

To participate in the Competition is open to all comers, past preliminary training and medical admission

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