Track and field athletics run "Sport"

Track and field athletics run "Sport"

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City Omsk
Race type Charity
29.08.2021  !
Distances 1 km
3 km
5 km
10 km
Price200 RUB. 

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Track and field athletics run "Sport": race description


The deadline for applications to participate in the competition 15 minutes before start of the competition. Application shall be accepted according to the form posted on the official website OROOI "planet of friends"

Start-up package

To start number must be on the day of the competition at the Secretariat on the ground near the main stage from 10.30 to 11.45. in exchange for a donation of 200 rubles.

Documents for getting a starter pack

Physician authorization is required.

The race

The competition is held on 8 September 2018. The competition centre is located in PKIO them. 30-letiya VLKSM


The start of the race - in front of the main stage from 12.00

Distances information

Distance: 10 km, 5 km, 3 km, 1 km

Requirements for participants

Competitions are held in both individual and group tests. The participants can be everyone, having a doctor's permission.

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