AI half marathon

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Hold an open city championship in run on highway XVI "AI's half marathon", devoted to the Victory Day and the day of Foundation of the city of AI
City Guy
Race type Road  
28.04.2021  !
Distances 3.1 km
10 km
21.1 km

AI half marathon: photos

AI half marathon: race description


The beginning of registration of participants 10:00 o'clock at the recreation center of miners (Lenin str. 43).

Preliminary applications for participation in competitions are submitted to the sport Committee the city of Gaya until April 29, by phone or by email.

Each participant provides to the panel of judges on competition day:

  • passport or birth certificate;
  • the medical certificate of permission to participate in these competitions with a doctor's signature and stamped.

The race

Start and finish at the Palace of culture of miners


Accommodation of participants in hotel "the birch"

Distances information

Route the half marathon takes place on Lenin street, Victory Avenue , across the bridge of the plant GZOTSM towards OBPF, the reversal in G. guy, same route.

The half-marathon 2 food item (one at the start, another at the track).

Race requirements

In the race for 21.1 km participants:

  • men and women - 1996.R. and older
  • veterans (men) - 1964-1955.R.
  • veterans (men) - 1954.R. and older

In the race for a distance of 10 km participants:

  • men and women 1998.R. and older
  • veterans (husband. and wives.) - 1979 – 1960.R.
  • veterans (husband. and wives.) - 1959.R. and older

In race 3 are:

  • boys and girls up to 2002.R.
  • boys and girls - 2001-1999.R.
  • veterans (husband. and wives.) - 1963.R. and older

Requirements for participants

To participate in the competition admitted athletes with appropriate training and without medical contraindications.


Orenburg region, city of Gai. Gorsportkomitet

Phone: (353-62) 4-31-07,

Phone: 8 961 914-35-27.

Utyumova Love Timofeevna and Valery Mikhailov L.

Phone: 3 6-81-54,

Phone: 8 987 346-74-43.