Pskov marathon Pskovzhilstroy

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Friends, we are sad to make this announcement, but the Marathon Pskovzhilstroy 2020 due to the current circumstances is postponed to 06 September 2020.
City Pskov
Race type Road  
05.09.2021  !
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Distances 1 km
10.5 km
21.1 km
42.2 km

Pskov marathon Pskovzhilstroy: photos

Pskov marathon Pskovzhilstroy: race description


Pre-registration and payment of entry fee on the marathon website. And at Pskov, ul Rokossovskogo d. 36A in the gym PREMIUM FITNESS 9:00 to 23:00 (MON-FRI) and from 10:00 to 16:00 (SAT). Registration ends 1 day before start date at 00:01 on 28 April.

Start-up package

Bibs are made in the starting town on April 28 from 12:00 to 18:00 and 29 April from 08:00 to 10:30.

Medical certificate

Participation in competitions is carried out only at presence of the contract (original) of life insurance and health from accidents, which is submitted to the Commission on the admission of participants for each participant of the competition.

Each participant must have a valid medical admission sports center, which is the basis for admission to participation in competition, or one-off medical certificate about the admission to competitions.

The race

The start and finish in the grounds of the Pskova river near Halidovich baths at the address: Pskov, St. Militia, d. 16.

Start time at 11:00.

Helpful information

In the area of start / finish is:

  • The jury;
  • Duty ambulance;
  • 2 tents (M+W) dressing;
  • Tent - camera storage;
  • Tent commercial power;
  • Tent sales of sports nutrition;
  • Toilets;
  • Food item for athletes;
  • Photo;
  • Area awards.

Baby races (for children 2-12 years of age) are held at the Park of the Pskova river, on 28 April, 15:00.

Registration of children is carried out free of charge to the starting town with registration receipts where they completely relieve the organizers of responsibility for any injuries received by children during the competition.

All members of children's races when you register get a starting room number 1, and at the finish commemorative medal of the Pskov marathon and a sweet gift.

During and at the end of the children's races in the Park are children's entertainers, contests, relay races.

Distances information

Monitoring time at the distance of 42.2 km – 5 hours 30 minutes.

Requirements for participants

At the start of the race at 10.5 km allowed athletes from Russia and abroad, reached on the day of the start of 16 years of age.

To participate in the race by 21.1 and 42.2 km run athletes in Russia and abroad, reached on the day of the start of 18 years of age.

Age is determined by year of birth.

Limit of participants:

  • 10.5 km - 175
  • 21.1 km - 175
  • 42.2 km - 150

Competition organizers reserve the right to vary the limit of participants by type of course within the overall limit of 500 people.

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