Run "Victory March"

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Athletics run in honor of Victory Day

City Rostov-on-don
Race type Trail  
The race is no longer held
Distances 3 km
10 km

Run "Victory March": race description


Members submit a written request, indicating your name, birth date, sports category, the name of the collective of physical culture.

Applications can be submitted until 7th may to Spivak N. D. by phone: 8 918 508-46-86 or on-site registration the day of the start.

If requirements are not met, the organizing Committee has the right not to allow participants to participate in the competition.

When applying, the participants present a photo ID (passport or birth certificate).

Medical certificate

You must have the appropriate medical clearance.

The race

Location: memorial "Kumzhenskaya grove".


  • 9:00-9:45 gathering and registration of participants at the entrance to the memorial "Kumzhenskaya grove";
  • 9:45 – parade of opening of competitions;
  • 10:00 – start runners of all distances at the same time;
  • 11:30 – summing up, awarding of winners at all distances;

Helpful information

Directions: by bus from the Central market on the Obukhov (takes you to the GPZ-10 and continue on foot).

The participants should take flowers to lay at the memorial.

Distances information

Distance: 3km, 10km.

Requirements for participants

The race is open to everyone who filed written application with the appropriate medical clearance.


The President of KLB is "Over Running" Spivak Nikolai Dmitrievich:

Mob. 8 918 508-46-86


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