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Weekly friendly run popular ski-tourist district of the Ryazan region

City Ryazan
Race type Road  
The race is no longer held
Social networks https://vk.com/club117503955 https://www.facebook.com/groups/rzntrail/ https://vk.com/orthodoxrun
Distances 10 km
16 km
32.8 km
50 km


ORTHODOXRUN: race description


Registration - electronic, website.

On-site registration on the day of the run is only possible by special prior agreement in exceptional circumstances. In such registration may not be permitted (with prior approval) without explanation.

Medical certificate

The health certificate is not required.

The race

The race takes place in the Ryazan region, the nearest major town to start Gently. From

Gently from the fork road to the gate of the village near the lake and back.

The distances start at 9:00.

Helpful information

The participant is obliged to have a means of fixing the result of the run (watch, stopwatch, smart phone with GPS), confirming the passage of the control points.

It is recommended to have a charged mobile phone in a warm place (the inside pocket) with pre-Packed in memory phones, MOE, etc. the emergency services, and local taxi.

To start, the Participant may get their own cars Solotchinskaya highway and then turn in Gently.

Distances information

Distance: 10 km, 16.5 km, 33 km and 50 km.

Time limit under normal weather at all distances - 4 hours.

Requirements for participants

A participant can be any physically healthy person.


Vladimir Moskovkin

(903) 693-18-89 ,

Sports-entertainment complex "Semeno-Oleninskaya"

+7 980 500-20-20


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