parkrun Ryazan Central Park

parkrun Ryazan Central Park

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parkrun Ryazan Central Park — weekly free race for 5 km with the time

City Ryazan
Race type Road  
07.11.2020  !
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Distances 5 km  
Pricefree run 

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Our race provides an opportunity for everyone (men and women, young and old) to assemble together regularly in a beautiful Park and nice to spend time with health benefits. We want to inspire people to joint Jogging, regardless of their abilities.

Our races are open to all, and, best of all, they are totally free!


Registration on the website —>

You will have to register in the parkrun system only once.

Start-up package

Before you start: in the Central Park of culture and leisure the city of Ryazan

Documents for getting a starter pack

Don't forget to take part in the race printed copy of your barcode. If you arrive without a barcode, your result will not be counted.

  • Do not forget to print your barcode! You will find it in the letter confirming your registration in the newsletter or in letters with the results of previous races. Or you can request a reminder letter. With phone barcode scan possible, so please be sure to bring it on the race printed copy!
  • One of the basic rules of parkrun races: "No barcode — no result". If you forget to bring a printed copy of your barcode on the race, your result will not be counted!
  • Gonna run the race for the first time? Please be sure to sign up and read the description of the track.

The race

Venue every Saturday at 9:00 in the Central Park of culture and leisure the city of Ryazan. September 1 at 13:00 to 1 September at 14:00

Helpful information

Stay after the race: after the race you can discuss their racing results and just chat over a Cup of tea in the Park, or to be located at the entrance of the Park pizza "Valentine ". We welcome all and everyone!


Before entering the Park there are two Parking on the street and on the street Semashko. Parking is free and on Saturday morning they empty, but if possible, we would recommend you to arrive by bike or public transport.

You can change in the area of start/finish, you can leave your bags on the benches during the race they will be looked after by volunteers, but the value is better left at home.

We recommend you to think about water after the finish and take a bottle. At each race there is a first aid kit.

The Park has a children's carousel, tennis courts, security town, basketball court, children's Playground, and after the race you can feed the ducks in the pond Ruminska. In our Park, everyone will be able to spend Saturday morning!

Distances information

The track consists of two circles with a length of 2500 m. the Start and finish line located in the alley near the "Green theatre". Most of the route runs along the paths with smooth asphalt surface, however, there is a small Groovy land along tennis courts, a length of 350 meters. The route of the race passes along Rumynskogo pond and CSKA stadium. Detailed description of the route: the starting corridor starts from the alley at the Green theatre, after 90 m turn right and run straight along the asphalt path to the exit of the Park takes place at the statue with the moose, then continue to run through the alley along the fence of the Park to the Plaza at the main entrance, do a circle around the Central square, then continue to run in a straight direction from the Central gate to the volunteer, then turn right and run straight to the next volunteer, and then turn left onto a dirt path, run past the tennis courts and back on the asphalt, run on the asphalt track, never deviating, when you reach the alley at the green theatre continue straight and go to the second round, after the second round at the alley theatre in Green are requested to turn right to the finish with the corridor, a turn marked by flags.

Requirements for participants

The run is free, so that all the participants bear full responsibility.


Contact the organizers:

  • +7 (920) 958-89-97:

The organization of the race is engaged exclusively by volunteers. Drop us an email to if you want to join them.

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