Trail race G-Trail of Russkie Prostory

Trail race G-Trail of Russkie Prostory

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"G-Trail: Russkie Prostory — Tver" — the first in a series of trail races G-Trail. The next run, the G-Trail will be held in the new territory that we will explore the most beautiful corners of our vast country, we discover her story!

City Tver
Race type Trail  
30.08.2020  !
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Distances 10 km
30 km
60 km
Price1300-2900 RUB. 

Trail race G-Trail of Russkie Prostory: photos

Trail race G-Trail of Russkie Prostory: race description

G-Trail is not just another trail: this difficult terrain + historic monuments: the rivers, the fords, the forest wilds, bridges, boulders and old manor.


Registration for the competition is made in electronic form on the website gonkagladiatorov

Start-up package

Issuing starter packs will be on 28-29 August 2018 in the store, as well as the day of the race to the starting town. The exact address of the place of issue of starter packs will be communicated to the participants via e-mail no later than 2 days before the first day of issue.

Starter pack

  • Medal
  • Water
  • Hot food
  • PitStop on the track
  • Individual timing
  • Member number
  • Locker rooms
  • Transfer from Tver to start and back
  • Professional photo

Documents for getting a starter pack

  • ID card proving age of participant (required for all participants);
  • original medical certificate with the seal of the issuing institution, signed and stamped by the physician, which should indicate that the participant admitted to the competition on the selected distance or a greater distance (required for all participants).

The race

The race will be held on 2 September 2018 on the territory of Tver region. The starting place will also be the finish location.


  • 06:00 Start of operation of camera storage and the starting town
  • 07:00 Start of the race at 60 km
  • 09:00 Start of the race at 30 km
  • 10:00 Start of the race at 10 km
  • 12:00 awarding of the winners of the 10 km
  • 14:00 awarding of the winners of the 30 km
  • 15:00 Rewarding of winners and prize-winners on 60 km
  • 17:00 Close distances
  • 20:30 closing of the storage chamber and the starting town

Helpful information

Participants must respect nature and to completely eliminate littering the track. For failure to comply with these rules may be followed by disqualification. We recommend each participant to carry a small trash bag.

Organizers will provide photo and video shooting competitions without limitations and reserve the right to use received during the contest materials in its sole discretion.

Distances information

  • Alyosha Popovich 10km — 1 point water
  • Nikitich 30km -2 power point -1 point of water
  • Ilya Muromets 60km -3 food -1 point of water

Requirements for participants

To race at the distance of 10km allowed participants over the age of 16 upon presentation of the receipt of parental consent (see Appendix 2), ranging in distance of 30 km and 60 km allowed participants over the age of 18.


Marina Dobrynina:

  • Phone: +7 919 722 96 22
  • Email:

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