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Charity run “RUN ZooHelp”

City Vladimir
Race type Trail
The race is no longer held
Distances 600 meters
2.5 km
5 km
Price700 RUB. 

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Registration for the electronic on the website the link.

Start-up package

The results of the starting the Start-finish town.

Starter pack

  • starting number
  • finisher medal (at finish line)
  • souvenir

Documents for getting a starter pack

  • ID card proving age of participant (required for all participants)
  • the receipt of the responsibility of the participant
  • at 5 km the original medical certificate with the seal of the issuing institution, signed and stamped by the physician, which should indicate that the participant admitted to the competition on the selected distance or greater distance, or life insurance policy at the time of the Event
  • for participants aged 14-17 years: the original permission from parents to participate in the race for 5 km, and the personal presence of a parent during the Start-up packages
  • to participate in the race 600m not required a medical certificate and insurance required the presence of a parent or a trusted person when receiving the Starting package on the day of the Event at the site
  • the document certifying the right of participant to participate in the Event

Medical certificate

Medical records submitted to the Organizers will not be returned.

The photocopy of the medical certificate is accepted only upon presentation of the original.

The race

The venue: Park of culture and rest "Country", Vladimir city.


  • 9:00 - opening start-finish town
  • 9:00-10:30 - issuing Starter packs
  • 10:20-10:30 – building and warm-up participants-children's race at the 600m
  • 10:30-10:40 children's race at the 600m
  • 10:40-10:45 – rewarding of winners of the children's race
  • 10:45-10:55 – warm-up
  • 10:55-11:00 – construction of participants in the distances of 2.5 and 5 km in the starting area
  • 11:00 – start distances of 2.5 km and 5 km
  • 11:30-13:00 – awarding of winners in the absolute superiority at distances of 2.5 km and 5 km
  • 12:00 – closing 2,5 km
  • 113.00 – closing a distance of 5 km

Distances information


600 m, 2.5 km and 5 km.

Requirements for participants

  • 600 m (children's distance is up to 10 years inclusive);
  • 2.5 km (for any age);
  • 5 km (14 years and older).

The age of participant is determined on the actual date of the event.


Olga Shatskikh:

Email: zoohelp_run@mail.ru

Phone: (8-985) 177-10-59

Mozyleva Galina Eduardovna:

Phone: (8-919) 007-09-11

Elena Titovich:

Phone: (8-910) 697-40-80

Other races in the city

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