Discrimination Free Zone 5k

City Delray Beach
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13.08.2023  !
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Discrimination Free Zone 5k: race description

The biggest gift we can give our children and future generations is to enable them to live in a world that knows only one race – the human race, is color blind regarding the color of individuals, believes in equality for all genders, makes no distinctions based on nationality, passes no judgments based on religious beliefs, does not judge a person based on their age, accepts individuals regardless of their sexual orientation and believes that individuals with disabilities should not be defined by their disabilities. Join the Discrimination Free Zone as we run/walk to end discrimination along A1A in Delray Beach!  

Race Pricing
Age 3 and under: FREE
Children: under 12 years old : $15.00
Students: 13 –, 20 years old: $20.00
Adults: 21 and up: $35.00
Teams of 4: $125.00: Team captain makes payment, then teammates can sign up via team name. 

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