Everglades Half Marathon

City Everglades
19.11.2022  !
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Everglades Half Marathon: race description

This event is produced by Vacation Races and is the ninth and final race of the year in the National Park Half Marathon Series. The Everglades Half Marathon Course is our first race held entirely within park boundaries! We’re very excited about this course, which follows the Shark Valley Tram Road and features amazing views of the river of grass. You’ll also likely see some wildlife as you run!

*Course is subject to change, pending permit approval.


Team Info

We do offer team registration. There are no relays, but there is a team prize to compete for. Runners on a team of 6 or more will each receive a $10 discount and the team will be automatically entered in the team category. 

The 1st person to register will create the team name. All other team members must use the same team name to receive the discount. You will register as a team, but pay full price for registration. The $10 will be refunded to each member of a team at the expo, as long as they have at least 6 members. Each member must resister individually. 

Please be considerate when choosing a team name. Any name team names we deem offensive will be changed to “Team A,” “Team B” etc.

**Military and promotional entries can count towards a team, but are not eligible for the $10 refund.


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