Fellowship of the Idiot 19.7m Run

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11.02.2023  !
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Fellowship of the Idiot 19.7m Run: race description

The Fellowship of the Idiot Run is a 19.7-Mile Run that takes runners from the YMCA to the top of Morrow Mountain and back to the YMCA.

There is no charge for the run. Many runners use the run as their last long run for the Myrtle Beach Marathon.

There is a 4:00 hour time limit to complete the course. Those that do not get to the top of Morrow Mountain in 2:00 hours will be pulled from the course.

The purpose of having a time limit is to insure that folks are in shape to run the course. In the past, we have had people with no training run the course just to get the t-shirt. They tend to get hurt.

Those that complete their first Fellowship of the Idiot Run earn a Fellowship of the Idiot t-shirt and suitable for framing certifcate.

If you are training for the Myrtle Beach 1/2 Marathon, or want to get in a shorter run, there are 12-mile and 14-mile options on the down and back course. Turn around at the corner of Valley Drive and Morrow Mountain Road for the 12-Mile Run. Turn around at the front gate of Morrow Mountain State Park and you will have a run a little over 14-miles. (For clarification, you must run the entire 19.7 Mile Idiot Run course to earn the t-shirt and certificate.)

Other Fellowship of the Idiot Apparel will be available for sale as well as Vac &, Dash Racing Team Apparel for Myrtle Beach.


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