MCAS Cherry Point Half Marathon

City Cherry Point
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MCAS Cherry Point Half Marathon: race description

MCAS Cherry Point 17th Annual Half Marathon

Saturday October 1, 2016 at 7:30 am

Cherry Point Air Station –, Sunset Park

Join us for the MCAS Cherry Point 17th Annual Half Marathon. This fast, flat course is located on MCAS Cherry Point.

Time: Check-in 6:30-7:15am. Race Start 7:30am

Maximum Registration: 500

Rain Out Date: Sunday, 2 October 2016

What a way to start your day! Come and join an elite group of runners in a 13.1 mile run aboard MCAS Cherry Point. Run like a Champion.

You Can Do This!

Two award categories: Individuals and Wounded Warriors (Handcrank).

Trophies: 1st –, 3rd Overall M/F and in certain age categories.

Hand Crank: 1st –, 3rd.

Award ceremony and light refreshments will be available after the event.

Packages Pick-Up: Wednesday, 28 September from 8:30 am –, 4:30pm in the Marine Dome Conference Room.

Important Race Guidelines

Dear Entrant:

Thank you for registering for the &ldquo,MCAS Cherry Point 17th Annual Half Marathon&rdquo,

Scheduled for Saturday, 01 October 2016 at 7:15 AM

Increment Weather Date: Sunday, 02 October 2016

Date: Saturday, 01 October 2016 Rain Date: Sunday, 02 October 2016

Location: Sunset Park (Large grassy area off of Roosevelt Blvd in front of the flightline)

Race Starts at 7:15 AM


From Front Gate –, Five traffic lights down and it will be on your left
From Slocum Gate - Go to the second traffic light and make a left and it will be on your left

* Please familiarize yourself with the route of the event via the map provided.

The following are the guidelines that everyone needs to adhere to:

Checking In will start at 6:30 am and ALL runners need to check in by 7:15 AM. Please verify your name, gender and age and report any changes needed at that time. Check-in will close at 7:15 AM promptly.

Base Access. If you do not have a Department of Defense decal on your vehicle, make sure you complete the required information when you registered online so I can request a &ldquo,Special Event Pass&rdquo, for you. Upon your arrival on the morning of the race, inform the Gate Guard that you are on a list to participate in the &ldquo,Half Marathon&rdquo, and they will give you a &ldquo,Special Event Pass&rdquo, to be placed in your front windshield and can only be used Saturday, 21 March 2001 October 2016. Please make sure you have your valid driver license, registration and proof of insurance if requested.

Package Pick-up. Packages will be available for pick-up in the &ldquo,Marine Dome Conference Room&rdquo, aboard MCAS Cherry Point base on Wednesday,28 September 2016 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. (Non-DOD participants must pick up their package the morning of the event prior to 7:15 AM upon checking in). You can have someone pick up your package or pick it up the morning of the event.

Disposable Big Tag/Number. Your race bib numbers goes on the front of the torso and can&rsquo,t be altered, modified or covered (Do not fold or wrinkle). Do not place on the back. To receive an accurate time, it&rsquo,s important to wear your bib number to let everyone know you&rsquo,re a part of the race. In additional, it there are race photographers on the course, and use your bib number will be used to identify your race photos, so make sure your number is clearly visible.

D. Parking. Parking is limited and it is highly recommended to carpool if possible. Please park in the designated area directed by the Police and volunteers. Arrive at the race site early to make sure you get a parking spot and have enough time to pick up your bib number (if you haven&rsquo,t already), check your information, take a warm-up jog, and use the bathroom (lines may be long).

E. Assemble, Welcome, GO! Runners will be assembling on Roosevelt Blvd by 7th Avenue no later than 7:10 AM. After playing of the National Anthem and a short welcome speech, at 7:15 AM the wheelchair participant(s) will start and at 7:20 AM all runners will start when they hear &ldquo,Runners, On Your Mark, Get Set, GO&rdquo, with a loud horn.

F. Safety, Safety, Safety. The MCAS Provost Military Office along with some volunteers will provide traffic control. While every effort to keep all traffic off the designated event courses, there will be traffic in neighboring lanes or crossing the course. You will run against traffic unless otherwise directed. They will exercise extreme caution while negotiating the course, particularly when approaching, traversing and exiting intersections. They will obey all traffic control volunteers as well as local law enforcement officials. Despite numerous advertising and course signs, many motorists will be surprised to encounter you on Sat. morning. Stay vigilant and stay safe.

Note: Wearing of earphones. It is important that you are aware of your surroundings and are able to be contacted in case of emergency. Keep the volume low or run with one earbud out so you can hear instructions or warnings (i.e., 'on your left') from other runners during the race.

G. Volunteers. There are many individuals who have volunteered to assist with this event. Please listen to any instructions they give you during the event. They will be located on the designated course and at water stations.

H. Medical Assistance. If you have an emergency along the route, please contact the nearest Monitor, or call 911 if you have a cellphone and give the closest building location or street intersection. A first aid kit will be located at the hydration stations and in the registration area.

I. Hydration Stations. Water/Gatorade: Approximately every 3 miles. Take advantage of the hydration stations on the course. Remember the hydration stations can get chaotic and crowded. Use caution when running into a station and make sure you&rsquo,ve not cutting off other runners or spilling water on them. If you&rsquo,re going to stop or slow down to walk through the hydration station make sure there&rsquo,s not a runner behind you. Sport Beans will be at the Hydration Station located at Roosevelt Blvd &, 7th Avenue.

J. Port-a-Johns/Restrooms. Start/Finish (Wheelchair Accessible), Mile 3 (Hancock Lodge Area), Mile 6 (Miller Landing Loop), Mile 8 (7th Avenue Wheelchair Accessible) and Mile 12 (Start of PT across from Lemon Lot). There are bathrooms accessible at the Hancock Lodge Marina.

K. Finish Line. After running through the Finish Line, PLEASE keep moving, and do not sit down, stop or stand in or around the finish area. After you have cleared the finish line area, you will be greeted by volunteers with finishers&rsquo, medals.

L. Post-Race Refreshments. The post-race light refreshments will be set-up opposite the Award table.

M. Awards. Please check the &ldquo,Award Results Board&rdquo, to see if you placed in any award category and then proceed to the &ldquo,Award Canopy&rdquo, to retrieve your trophy.

N. Results. In addition to posting race results throughout the morning, Game On Timing Service will be posting handling all timing questions and posting. The final results will be posted online as soon as possible following the race.

O. Cancellation/No Show. There are NO rain checks or refunds. Transfers are not allowed.

P. Time Limit. All participants must be able to complete the race in 3 hours and 30 minutes. Anyone who has not completed the race within the designated time limit will be responsible for his/her own safety. Runners who wish to continue at his/her own risk.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you and have a great day.

Berna Crosby

Special Events Coordinator, MCCS / Semper Fit

MCAS Cherry Point, NC

(252) 466-2208 and (252) 466-4927 fax

Race Course

Open the PDF below for a course map

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