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OBX Ultramarathon: race description

50k minimalist run from Currituck Beach
Lighthouse to a designated spot along the coast (adjacent the Wright Brother's
Monument in Kill Devil Hills, NC).

This is an open course, however the majority of the race occurs on wide open beach. Depending on weather conditions runners should prepare for very little shade, possible strong head/tail winds,soft sand and areas of sparse civilization. A small finish is located at mile 31 with food, drinks, and awards. Runner's crew and
families can support (and are encouraged to support!) their runner anywhere along the course, however no vehicles are allowed
on the beach but race staff. Families and crews can park in the vicinity of the Wright Brother's Monument and walk to the OBX
50k finish line.

Get ready for one of the most beautiful and one of the most challenging ultramarathons you will ever run!

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