Beat The Clock 30/60 Run

City Gastonia
24.06.2023  !
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Beat The Clock 30/60 Run: race description

The Beat The Clock 30/60 Run is a unique race for competitive and social runners of all ages in Gastonia and surrounding areas. Instead of running a specific distance, participants will be able to run their best distance over a 30 minute or 60 minute time limit, on a track or cross-country course. Winners in each category are the furthest distance traveled in that time. Proceeds from the Run will go to support Gaston Hope in Christ, a free tutoring and enrichment program for public school students in the community. Gaston Hope in Christ has helped over 400 students and their families from 12 schools and 3 counties in 17 years with tutoring, seminars, training, trips and other activities.

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