Weymouth Woods 100k Trail Run

City Southern Pines
14.01.2023  !
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Weymouth Woods 100k Trail Run: race description

Fourteen 4.47 mile loops (total 62.58 miles) through the trails of Weymouth Woods Nature Preserve. To alleviate trail congestion, the first loop will also include a .15 start from the park entrance to the trailhead.
The trails are a combination of dirt, loose sand, packed sand, and some gravel. There are several wood plank boardwalks and two sets of wood stairs. Lots of slippery leaves, pine straw, and many exposed and hidden roots.
Parts of the trail can be muddy and wet. Runners will cross the parking lot (several hundred yards) at the beginning and end of each loop. Total cumulative elevation change per loop is approx. 2070ft.

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