Mowdy Ranch Mustang Run

City Coalgate
08.06.2024  !
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Mowdy Ranch Mustang Run: race description


Mowdy Ranch Mustang Run

(USATF certified)

5K /10K /Half Marathon/Marathon Trail Run
Start Times: 6:30 am –, Marathons / 8:00 am –, 5K &, 10K

Visit for information and registration.

If you would like to view Maps of the Trail here are a couple links to help.
many more goodies to be found about the race…,.

Help save a great American icon, the wild horses of America, the American Mustang. Mowdy Ranch is the second ecotourism ranch established in the United States by the Bureau of Land Management of the U.S. Department of the Interior to help save the great American Mustang by promoting awareness and encouraging support and adoption of these beautiful animals.

Mowdy Ranch is proud to announce the first annual Mowdy Ranch Mustang Run, a trail run through thousands of acres of beautiful southeastern Oklahoma hills. A race for all fitness levels will be offered. Whether you are a beginner walker or a serious runner who competes for personal bests, we have a race for you.
Each registered participant will receive:

&bull, The Mustang Run Finisher's Medal
&bull, Commemorative Mowdy Ranch Mustang Run T-shirt and Bandanna Map
&bull, Chip-Timed Race for Runners and Those Tracking Personal Goals
&bull, Free Downloadable Race Photos
&bull, Award Divisions for Runners and Walkers
&bull, Hydration Stations with Water/Sports Drinks &, Fruit thoughout
&bull, Eve of race Spaghetti Dinner
&bull, Free parking
&bull, Last but not Least, a Truly Inspirational and Unforgettable Experience

Registration Fees:
Chip timing will end at 3:00pm but the finish line will remain open until the last runner crosses.

  • 5K –, $35
  • 10K –, $45
  • Half marathon –, $75
  • Full marathon –, $95

NOT all GIVEAWAYS available. We only had enough for 190 bandannas.
YOU CAN STILL REGISTER up to Monday June 8th.
ON RACE DAY you can REGISTER with cash only.
You will still get a T-shirt &, Medal. Registration cut off is Monday June 8th.
Everyone will still get a T-shirt, Medal and a Free sandwich and Beer at the end of the race.


Our Lodgings filled up really fast but we still have plenty of FREE camping available. Please let us know if you would like to camp out with us as we are having our Spaghetti dinner the night before the race along with a bon fire. There are many motels/hotels in the surrounding area. Please check for accomodations in Atoka, Coalgate, Ada and McAlester. Thank You and we look forward to seeing you at the ranch.

Mowdy Ranch has two lodges with 4 motel style suites and two large bunkhouse style rooms each with private bathroom. The lodge has a fully equipped kitchen, large dining and living room and DirecTv. The lodges are capable of sleeping up to 32 people and are available for nightly rent.
$100 per suite (SLEEPS 3-4) / $25 per bunk (16 AVAILABLE)
RV and Camping spots are available to contestants at no additional charge. Port-a Potties will be provided. We will host a spaghetti dinner and bon fire the night before the race for all our lodgers and campers.

The Mustang Run will wind through Mowdy Ranch, which is located 10 miles NE of Coalgate, Oklahoma. Runners will navigate dirt roads and trails up the rocky hills and down into the heavily wooded creek bottoms. The wild horses will be moved to adjacent pastures but they will be visible to the runners. Run with nothing but the sound of the birds and wind to interrupt your thoughts.

All proceeds from the run are donated to the continued care and maintenance of these beautiful animals. Millions of these wild horse once roamed this country, but the press of civilization now limits the land available for these horses. When their numbers get too great, the BLM is forced to capture and move horses to ranches like Mowdy Ranch where they are allowed to live and run free for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately ranches willing to take these beautiful horses are few and limited. Your help is needed to insure the continued existence of the wild mustangs.


This trail has plenty of rocks, roots, stumps and other tripping hazards. There are stream crossings with stepping-stones. The trail is narrow at times and could be crowded as faster runners overtake slower ones. (Getting excited yet?)

A faster runner might, therefore, knock you to the side, causing you to slam headfirst into a tree or get impaled on a jagged root. There might be poison ivy, ticks, bugs, bees, snakes and other woodsy things you find in the great outdoors. (Isn&rsquo,t this a great waiver?)

Wind and rain may create mud holes, fell trees and limbs and create hazards that race officials don&rsquo,t even know about. If we know about a hazard, we will try to warn you, but there may be hazards we don&rsquo,t know about and therefore can&rsquo,t warn you. You&rsquo,re on your own.

Vandals may swipe trail markings. You could veer off course and run straight into a horse&rsquo,s ass for all we know. We suggest you yield to said horses if you see them. They have the right of way. In addition, race officials may deliberately create extra hazards. Just for fun. (Don&rsquo,t worry, this gets better.) There will be water stops, but feel free to carry a water bottle and any food that you want. If you get dehydrated, it could be months before we find your pile of vulture-picked bones. (Ever had so much fun reading a disclaimer?)

But even though you might get hurt or lost, you&rsquo,re agreeing to all this crap because you want to run this race. You are therefore releasing and discharging all race officials, volunteers, sponsors and municipalities, as well as the rocks, roots, bugs, tree limbs, and other stuff, dead or alive, gnarly or not, that might poke an eye out or otherwise hurt you because you know that trail running is a high-risk activity.

When you agree to run, you are certifying that you are physically fit, responsible for your own actions, and have sufficiently trained for an event of this nature. In other words, you won&rsquo,t sue any of the people or groups responsible for this race if you get hurt. And if you are under 18, then your parent or guardian is signing this release. We are almost done but this is the important part. This trail has known hazards that we have warned you about, but there may also be unknown hazards of which we may not know and therefore can&rsquo,t warn you about. Get it? So be careful, you are accepting all these risks, known and unknown. We wrote all this in plain English instead of Shakespearean legalese - so you have no excuses. Again, if you&rsquo,re a wuss - just stay home.

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