Kinetic Physical Therapy&#39,s Bull Run 5k

City Chester Springs
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Kinetic Physical Therapy&#39,s Bull Run 5k: race description

Local lore reminds us that Kinetic Physical Therapy’s

home in the Village of Eagle rests on what at one time

was a pasture of a local farm. Many a morning, just

moments before the school bell rang, a young man

would peer across this pasture from Little Conestoga

Road to the one room school house on Pottstown Pike

before leaping the fence. He was right to be cautious…,

For this field was the home of an ill tempered Bull. But

through the field was his only chance of making it to

school on time. With no time to spare, the young man

formulated his plan as he leapt the fence and bolted

across the field…,

It is this story of this spirited youth that we honor

today…,Welcome back to the 3rd annual BULL RUN 5K!

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