The Great Heritage 10 Mile Run

City Delmont
15.04.2023  !
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The Great Heritage 10 Mile Run: race description

Will you be able to go the distance in the Great Heritage 10 Mile Run? The race is open to anyone wanting to walk or run the 10 miles. The race will start in Saltsburg,PA and travel through Delmont,PA. Parking will be made available at the Saint Johns Catholic Church in Delmont and we will be providing a bussing sysyem to the start of the race. The bus will leave at 8 am and the race will start at 9 am. Come test your endurance and prove you have what it takes in the Great Heritage 10 mile run! We will be having water stops along the way starting at mile marker 3.37 at County Road then continuing to mile marker 5.7 in Slickville right by Route 819, the next water station is at mile marker 6.82 at Story Road, and finally the last one through the race will be at mile marker 8.26 in Athena.

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