5K for Pre-K to College in Coatesville

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5K for Pre-K to College in Coatesville: race description

Coatesville Kids to College’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty in the Coatesville community by ensuring that all the children and youth of Coatesville have the skills, resources and supports necessary for them to attend and successfully graduate from a college of their choice. The CKC pipeline offers youth programming and comprehensive family support at every level of a child's development to ensure that the child is able to progress through each stage of education successfully, and eventually enroll in and graduate from college. Our programs are committed to partnering with families of the Coatesville community to provide children and youth with the strong educational foundation and Christian principles needed to enable their healthy development and strong foundation for future success.

To learn more about Coatesville Kids to College, please visit http://www.hopebeyondborders.org/programs/coatesville-kids-to-college/about-ckc.aspx,

or visit our FaceBook page.

For information on Corporate Sponsorship, contact: kjwilburn@hotmail.com

Individual donations to Coatesville Kids to College are also welcome at https://secure.etransfer.com/EFT/Donation480/donation1.cfm?d2org=HBB&,d2tool=donate

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