YMCA Stride 5K Challenge

City Downingtown
02.12.2023  !
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YMCA Stride 5K Challenge: race description

The Chester County YMCA STRIDE 5K Challenge is unlike any other running event. It is a celebration of, and for, the boys who have completed a ten week STRIDE curriculum, including lessons and activities focused on character development, building confidence, and healthy living.  By the day of the 5K, their enthusiasm is so unbridled that they are running around before the race! Positive energy abounds as the boys are eager to achieve their goal of completing a 5K –, many of them for the very first time.   Our 5K is a non-competitive, family friendly event that will bring a smile to your face! You will be so glad you joined us!

Not familiar with STRIDE?  Learn more by clicking here.

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