Blacklight Run™ - Austin

City Austin
Race type Night run  
18.11.2023  !
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Blacklight Run™ - Austin: race description

Blacklight Run&trade, is a unique night 5K fun run focused less on speed and more on UV Neon Glowing fun with friends and family. Glowing participants come from all different ages, shapes, sizes, and speeds, every participant will get Glowed&trade, and has the time of their life. Whether you are an avid runner or a walk around the park walker, the 3 miles of the Blacklight Run&trade, course will have you glowing and waiting for the next one!

The Blacklight Run&trade, has been setup with very simple rules
1) Wear a white shirt (any white T-shirt will work or wear your awesome commemorative Blacklight Run&trade, T-Shirt given with your registration) to be worn at the start line.

2) You will finish covered in Blacklight Run&trade, UV Neon Glow Powder, that will glow in our Blacklight Zones&trade, and at the Blacklight Run After Party&trade,.

By the end, you will look like you fell into a Ghost Buster&rsquo,s movie (minus the slime) and covered with different colored Blacklight Run&trade, UV Neon Glow Powder. This is the first of its kind at night and is quickly sweeping the nation!

Each participant will receive:

– Commemorative white Blacklight Run™ T-Shirt
– Blacklight Run™ Glow in the Dark Tattoo
– Blacklight Run™ Race Bib
– Donation to local charity
– Blacklight Run™ Glow Pack given at the finish line!
– Admission to Blacklight Run After Party™

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