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14.04.2023  !
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the SUCK - Southwest: race description

The SUCK: any situation where conditions are undesirable, a testament to the dedication of those who endure it.

Created by Guinness World Record Holder and 2 x Death Race Winner, Joe Decker. Each overnight SUCK consists of many hours of intense individual fitness challenges consisting of miles of trail running, carrying heavy objects, military calisthenics plus strongman training and more. Even though the SUCK is extremely challenging the end goal is about EMPOWERMENT. We are not there to crush you but to motivate you. We all have weaknesses and you'll find them out there in the woods around 2 AM in the morning. Recognize them then adapt and overcome. The male and female winner of each Regional SUCK gets free entry into the Ultimate SUCK. Come join us at one of the voted 'Most Extreme Fitness Tests in America&ldquo,.

All finishers that complete the ENTIRE event will receive a one of a kind Challenge Coin. This CAN NOT be purchased and MUST be earned. In addition you are added to the list of those that have officially 'Embraced the SUCK.'

The SUCK –, Mandatory Gear:
&bull, Ruck Sack / Backpack –, I personally recommend a 60 liter / 3500 cubic inch
&bull, CamelBak hydration plus pack –, recommend 70 –, 100 oz
&bull, Life Jacket
&bull, 8lb sledgehammer
&bull, Old car tire
&bull, Guys 2 ×, 50lb sandbags
&bull, Gals 2 ×, 30lb sandbags
&bull, 2 ×, 5 gallon buckets
&bull, Headlamp
&bull, Duct tape
&bull, Trail Shoes
&bull, Work gloves
&bull, Workout gear
&bull, Warm/cold weather gear
&bull, Plenty of food, water &, electrolytes for the entire 12 hours, there are no aid stations
&bull, Suggested –, snake bit kit, poison ivy/oak remedy, first aid kit

NOTE: Gut Check Fitness, LLC policy is that there are NO REFUNDS and/or TRANSFERS. You are making a commitment to train, work hard, stay focused then to show up and ‘,Embrace the SUCK'.

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