Texas Derby Dash 5K Run/Walk

City Boerne
06.05.2023  !
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Texas Derby Dash 5K Run/Walk: race description

Welcome to the first annual Texas Derby Dash 5K Run/Walk! This inaugural race will start and finish at Scenic Loop Café,, located at 25615 Boerne Stage Road, Boerne, TX, 78255. The course is a paved, with a small incline at the start and a fast downhill finish –, if you're looking for a 5K PR, this is the race and the course! . This race will provide the very best of Texas hospitality, and celebrate the Kentucky Derby with a definite Texas twist! The race is capped at 300 participants so don&rsquo,t wait to register. We intend to provide a challenging course, great support, and a fun race environment.

  • Scott Coleman
  • Coleman Running Club
  • colemanrunningclub@gmail.com

PAYMENT POLICY: &bull, No refunds &bull, No rollovers to next year &bull, No transfers &bull, No mailing of shirts/packets before, during, or after event

RACE CANCELLATION: &bull, No refunds

CHECK OUT DNF, DROP, QUIT, LEAVE EARLY, MISSED CUTOFF: All runners who do not finish the race must turn in their timing chip to the finish line timer. I need to know if you have left the course. Every person who enters the course must come to the finish line. If you do not finish the race, you still must come to the finish to return your chip.

CHIP TIMING: This is a chip-timed race. What this means is that we use timing chips to collect your split times and finish time. Your official start time will be the same as everybody else&hellip,when the race starts (not your chip offset from the start). You will not get an official time unless you are wearing your chip from start until finish. Make sure you have it on, and have it on correctly when you finish. The timing chips are sensitive to angle and proximity with the timing mat, such that if you do a somersault over the timing mat, it may miss you. If it&rsquo,s in your pack, it will miss you. Best and safest bet is to wear it on your shoe (instructions will be provided). We do not adjust start time based on your offset. Your start time is 7:30 am.

AWARDS: There will be awards for top three overall male and female, top three masters (over 40) male and female, and top three &ldquo,Best Texas Derby Hat&rdquo,. No double-dipping on awards - if you are over 40, and finish second overall, you will receive the 2nd place overall award only, and we&rsquo,ll adjust the over 40 finishes accordingly.

  • March 9 - registration opens, $25.00/runner
  • April 12 - price increases $35.00/runner
  • April 25 - cutoff to guarantee race shirt
  • April 26 - price increases to $45.00/runner
  • May 7 - online registration closes
  • May 8 - packet pick-up (location TBD)
  • May 9 - Race Day, Scenic Loop Café,, Boerne, TX

NO-SHOW: 10% of all registered runners never show up for the race. One of our crazy weird expenses is, we have to pay the timer for all of the no shows the same as for those who do show-up. Why? Because we don't know you are not here until we sort through all the chips and bibs. Actually, it&rsquo,s more of a problem sorting out the No Shows than it is tracking the people who actually show up and run. By the end of each race, we still sometimes have a problem trying to decide if a runner has no chip time because they didn't run or because they didn't finish. This explains how some people end up in the results with DNF vs. a NS. If you let us know before the race, this saves us money and worry. And both of these things allow us to make this a better race for you.

TRANSFERS: You cannot give or sell your race bib to another runner. A person giving their bib to another runner who happens to come in 2nd will upset the entire race results. The person you gave your bib to is not a registered runner. We eventually sort it out, but because we hand out awards as you come in, the illegal 2nd place male has essentially stolen the 2nd place award, and everybody behind him is going to be out of sync with the wrong awards. Also, many of those people have already left too…, with the wrong awards. We track every single person, and illegal bib swaps add an anonymous person to our event that we don't know. Simply put: Buy your own race entry.

PACKET PICK-UP: There will be two opportunities to pick up your race packets: Friday afternoon/evening at We Run San Antonio &, Saturday morning at the race. Please don't forget the people working packet pickup are volunteers. It isn't their fault…, whatever it is that has gone wrong for you. Packet pickup is an orderly process if it is done well. It becomes disorderly when there is an exception to the rule that demands more time. People queue up in a line and we deal with each person one at a time. If all your data is correct, its a quick and easy in and out process. Sometimes we make mistakes, but usually, the mistake in the data comes straight from you. People actually spell their own name wrong, enter the wrong age, address, or gender. They forget to register or register twice. It&rsquo,s really humorous until we get yelled at because we can&rsquo,t find your packet. We all need to work together on this.

RACE SHIRTS: All shirts are pre-stuffed into your packets. We make certain that every person who registers before late date gets the shirt size that they selected when they registered. We cannot swap your shirt with a different size at packet pickup. If you wish to slow down packet pickup by trying it on and then asking for a different one, the answer will always be the same: NO! We don't have any more shirts. I still get emails after late entry asking for shirts. Please understand: it's not because I don't like you. I don't have the shirts and the answer is still no! Remember the 10% who did not show and never did tell me? We take all those shirts and give them to our volunteers &, sponsors. The simplest solution is to register before late date.

DOGS/STROLLERS: This is a stroller and dog friendly race. However, we ask if you are pushing a stroller that you start near the back of pack so as not to hinder/block/trip your fellow runners. Dogs are also allowed, and must be leashed/tethered/secured at all times before, during, and after the race.

POST RACE PARTY: We will have food, drink, music, and an all-around good time. Stick around after your race, enjoy the festivities, sit around with friends (new and old), and we&rsquo,ll all tell each other lies about how good we are or used to be.

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