"The Pearl Of Abkhazia"

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Our marathon is a brilliant event, sports events, filled with kindness and love for the sport.
City Gudauta
Race type Road  
26.09.2020  !
Social networks https://vk.com/start_run
Distances 5 km
15 km
25 km
Price1500 - 3000 RUB. 

Distances information

The track surface is asphalt.

  • 5 km
  • 15 km
  • 25 km
  • 5 km, "Nordic walking".

Launch site: R. Abkhazia, Ritsa relict national Park.

The route of the race is a circle with a length of 5 km.

The limit on the race: 4 hours 00 minutes.

Requirements for participants

Entry is open to men and women 18 years and older. Age is technically defined on 31.12.2019 G. Participant self-assessment of their level of fitness and determines what distance to choose.

When you receive the starter package, the member shall sign a statement in which he disclaims the organizers responsible for any injuries received during competition.


Email: info@start-running.ru

Tel: 8 (905) 222-21-31